Canada native and Pop AC recording artist, Susie McLean, captivates audiences with her unique style and powerful lyrics, creating authentic, hope-filled, and inspiring music with the hint of just pure fun. Her honesty and courage portrayed in her performance makes for a truly moving experience.

Susie has won national and international acclaim for both innovative songwriting and dynamic covers. Her original piece, “Sing Your Song” was nominated at the 2013 Independent Music Awards, and she was also nominated as “Best Jazz Artist” at the Toronto Independent Music Awards. 

In addition to writing and performing, Susie McLean is a thriving actress, and has been in several commercials including McDonalds, Delissio Pizza, KFC, Tetley Tea, Honey Bunches of Oats, Quaker Bar as well as TV shows such as Nikita, Beauty & The Beast, LA Complex, and The Divide.

Susie McLean’s refreshing energy and professional drive demonstrate a belief that music can bring hope, strength, and healing. Her music harnesses both personal and universal themes. After losing her brother to Leukaemia, McLean began writing songs that conveyed both a deep sense of pain and delicately woven overtones of hope. You can tell that McLean means every word she sings, and her honesty and courage make for truly moving music.

Looking ahead to the future, Susie McLean sees “a great journey and a lot more amazing stories to share.” One of her dreams for the future is to blend her music and acting career by singing and performing voice acting in animated films and TV shows, specifically a Disney movie. She hopes to continue to inspire her fans with her music, as they are an important part of her brand. “They encourage and give feedback which in turn helps me become better as an artist. But the most special part is when a fan tells me that my music made a difference in their life. I want my music to inspire others. So when someone tells me that it has, it means so much to me.”

McLean has clear goals and a concise plan to grow her fan base and make her music available to international music consumers. She is now under the wing of elite US based management company, Arrow Music Agency after recently signing an exclusive worldwide management deal. This new union will help build the Susie McLean profile internationally creating diverse opportunities. Arrow Music Agency is headed up by Chris Sobonya (President), and has a roster of worldwide artists from countries such as the US, Canada, Sweden, France, UK, and Australia.