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Hey, Friends!

Right now is the moment when you are 6 years old and finally have the chance to whisper in your best friend’s ear the biggest secret you’ve been so longing to reveal.

It’s the moment when you get to yell “Surprise!” as the 85 year old youngster walks into a room full of loved ones on what he thought might have just been another birthday. It’s that glimpse in time where all the butterflies finally get released from flying around in my stomach as I let you in on why I may have appeared MIA these past several months.

I am so thrilled to inform you that Look Up Child has been in the works for quite some time, but now, it’s finally being brought to light.

The studio has become my companion as I have poured all that I can into what is now a body of work I deeply treasure. From soaring melodies to reggae jive, from sweeping orchestral ballads to back beat vibe, Look Up Child has transcribed the pulse of my veins to musical form. I cannot be more excited for you to hear it.

From the record to the upcoming live shows, every part of the musical experience will share profound love, deep rooted joy, and hope like that of a child. It’s a record you can sit with, one you can fall asleep to, and one that welcomes the inner dancer in all of us onto the scene. The Look Up Child Tour will be surrounded by the spirit of joy and reflection, taking in the sounds of those gone before us while lavishing in the new zeal of today. I look forward to seeing everyone’s shining faces out there soon. Until then, cheers to the much awaited new music, Look Up Child!